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Mrs. Johanne Sicotte

Vice-Presidente and Secretary-Treasurer

Mrs. Johanne Sicotte

Ms. Sicotte is the Director of Finance at Valoris, where she’s starting her 30th year of service. She’s been a member of the Board of Directors of Groupe Convex since 2008 and is a founding member of Recycle-Action. Valoris being a major financial partner of Recycle-Action, her role is to ensure the financial interests of the former and the development of the financial framework of the latter.

Social integration of people facing challenges is valuable and the results of Groupe Convex and Recycle-Action are conclusive. Today, we see people that are proud to have a job and feel useful, whereas before they had very few opportunities for development.

Mme Johanne Sicotte

The improved living conditions of people facing challenges, the dedication of managers and employees, and the social and financial results demonstrated by Recycle-Action and Groupe Convex are powerful motivators for Mrs. Sicotte.